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Miguel Guajardo

Miguel A. Guajardo, Ph.D.


Miguel Guajardo

ASBS 318


Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education & School Improvement


Education and Community Leadership, School Improvement

Research Interests

Dynamic-critical methodologies, Identity, race and dignity, Learning, teaching and leading in diverse communities, Community Learning Exchange, Community Development for educators, Politic of Education

Teaching Areas

Identity formation, organizational development, community building and politics of education

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Miguel A. Guajardo is an Associate Professor in the Education and Community Leadership Program and a member of the doctoral faculty in School Improvement at Texas State University. His research interests include issues of community building, community youth development, leadership development, race and ethnicity, university and community partnerships, and Latino youth and families. He was a Fellow with the Kellogg International Leadership Program and the Salzburg Seminar. 

He is the co-founder of the Community Learning Exchange, an emerging interdisciplinary community of practice that unites the power of place and the wisdom of people to advocate and work towards community change.  Dr. Guajardo’s work has been informed by local ecology and the values of equity, dignity, and democracy in cross-cultural settings. His teaching, research and service agenda is informed by a micro-macro integrative theory that is grounded in practice. A sample of this work is highlighted in the 2016 book he published with a team of colleagues: Reframing Community Partnerships in Education: Uniting the Power of Place and Wisdom of People.


  • BS (1988) - University of Texas at Austin - Secondary Education
  • MED (1997) - University of Texas at Austin - Educational Policy and Planning
  • PhD (2002) - University of Texas at Austin - Educational Administration: Public School Leadership


Selected Publications (books, book chapters, journal articles, presentations)


Guajardo, M. A., Guajardo, F., Janson, C., & Militello, M. (2016). Reframing community partnerships in education: Uniting the power of place and wisdom of people. New York, NY: Routledge. 

Refereed Journal Articles

Guajardo, M. A., Guajardo, F. & Locke, L. (in press). Weaving narratives of academic Activism. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Guajardo, M. A. & Guajardo, F. (in press). La universidad de la vida: A pedagogy built to last. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 

Guajardo, M. A.,  & Garcia, S. (2016). Educational leadership for community development. National Forum of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal Special Issue: Latinos and School & District Leadership, 29(1 & 2), 65-74.

Guajardo, F., Alvarez, S., Guajardo, M., Garcia, S., Guajardo, J.A., & Marquez, J. (2014). Braceros, Mexicans, American, and schools: Re-imagining teaching and learning in Mexican America. Rio Bravo Journal, 23(1), 9-41.

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