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Barry Aidman is an Assistant Professor of Education and Community Leadership at Texas State University. He teaches classes in campus and district leadership, school improvement & organizational change, and serves as advisor for the superintendent certification program. His research interests focus on leadership preparation, college access and completion, multi-sector partnerships, and social and emotional learning.

Michael Boone is a Professor in Educational and Community Leadership. His research interests are focused on leadership, superintendency, rural education, and school improvement.

Steve Gordon is a Professor in Educational and Community Leadership. His focus is on instructional supervision, professional development, and school improvement.

Miguel A. Guajardo is an Associate Professor in the Education and Community Leadership Program. He teaches courses on identity formation, organizational development, community building, and politics of education. His research interests include dynamic-critical methodologies, identity, race and dignity, learning, teaching and leading in diverse communities, community learning exchange and development for educators, and politic of education.

Patricia Guerra is an Associate Professor in Educational and Community Leadership. Her research focuses on issues of equity, educator beliefs about diversity, and culturally responsive schooling, leadership and supervision.

Bergeron Harris is the program coordinator for the Educational & Community Leadership program. His research interests include school improvement, quality professional development, district and campus leadership, and campus culture and climate.

Melissa A. Martinez is an Assistant Professor in Educational and Community Leadership and Director of the PhD. in Education–School Improvement program. Her research focuses on three areas: 1) equity and access issues along the P-16 educational pipeline for students of color, primarily college access and readiness issues for Latina/os and Latina/o parent engagement, 2) pedagogical practices utilized in the preparation of future educational leaders, and 3) the experiences of faculty of color in academia.

Michael O'Malley is an Associate Professor of Educational and Community Leadership and a former secondary school principal. His research interests include public pedagogy, leadership for educational and social equity, curriculum theorizing, and internationalization.

Larry Price is a Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Initiative for Research Design & Analysis (IIRDA). His research interests are varied and include the theoretical development and testing of Bayesian and non-Bayesian structural equation models in psychological and neuropsychological research, the theoretical development, testing, and refinement of classical and modern psychometric methods in the behavioral sciences, and the development of dynamic multivariate vector autoregressive time series models for the psychological, social and neurosciences.

Marialena Rivera is an Assistant Professor of Education of Community Leadership at Texas State University. Her mixed methods research focuses on the politics of education policy, educational privatization, school finance equity, and school leadership for school improvement.

Duncan Waite is a Professor for Educational and Community Leadership. His areas of research include educational leadership, instructional supervision, qualitative research, action research, anthropology and education, and the postmodern.